Norrköping Airport- Practical Project Management -Methodology

We offer various courses in project management, one of them is Practical Project Management -Methodology. We have interviewed one of our participants, Svante Swärd Rudström, to see what he thought of the course.

The content

The course focuses on what is the key to a successful project – a thorough and structured planning. The participant gains knowledge, methods and tools to plan and run projects effectively while keeping an eye on the schedule and risks in the project. We also go through how our plans are to be followed up and concluded. The material used supports IPMA/PMI certification.
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The participants are divided into groups and work on a fictitious project throughout the course, which is usually appreciated by the participants when you work with eachother in groups from different companies. Although the participants own activities, questions and possible problems form a basis for discussions and exercises, there are often examples from different companies in order to lay the basics for a better result.

We asked Svante what he thought of the structure and content of the training

For me, getting an overview of project management was the most rewarding. To get different aspects and the overall thinking, he says.

How relevant did the course feel for you?


- The training felt relevant and I got a platform for deepening different types of project management.

Your knowledge after Practical Project Management -Methodology

You will be awesome at:

  • basic terminology in project management
  • resource allocation, responsibility, roles and risk management in projects
  • plan, implement and complete projects
  • understand the role and function of the project in an organization
  • various tools and techniques available to increase the chances of successful projects
  • understand the importance of communication within the project
  • practical application of project management

In conclusion, Svante tells how he will be able to apply the knowledge he gained from the training in his work.

- I will be able to dress the unstructured projects in a systematic outfit. I expect to get a better overview and a better outcome, he concludes.

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