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Practical Project Management- Leadership

Rebecca works as a plan architect at a consulting company. Her duties include leading projects and collaborating with experts in various fields, to d ...

Färna Herrgård- Leadership course

Since spring 2021, Peter & Partner has delivered Leadership training in the ESF Project Besökskraft. The trainings have been at two different lev ...
Färna Herrgård

Falun Borlänge- Regionen

The ESF project Lyftkraft Dalarna is aimed at private companies that have been affected in some way by the pandemic, for example through notices and ...
Falun Borlänge-Regionen

Mastec- Leadership for middle managers and leaders

Linda Wiberg works as a production manager at Mastec Solutions in Vaggeryd. In order to develop her skills in leadership, she chose to attend the cou ...

Science Park- Excel Basic

A time ago, Zarah took our basic training in Excel. We got to borrow her for a few minutes to hear what she thought of the training and whether she h ...
Science Park

QIAGEN Diploma program for project managers

In our project academy P&P Project Academy, we offer various training programs, one of which is Diploma program for project managers. We have in ...

Kongsberg Practical Project Management- Methodology

Jenny Östergren works as HR Business Partner at Kongsberg Automotive, which is a subcontractor to the automotive industry. She works with various HR ...
Kongsberg Automotive

Vitecsoftware Personal Leadership

Last year, Mette and Linda took our training in Personal Leadership and we were curious about how they have used their new lessons and knowledge in t ...
Vitec Software

Norrköping Airport- Practical Project Management -Methodology

We offer various courses in project management, one of them is Practical Project Management -Methodology. We have interviewed one of our participants ...
Norrköping Airport