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We started our journey back in 2009 and during these years have been trusted to develop our customers in Project Management, Leadership, Business Development & Microsoft 365.

We are located in several locations in Sweden, but regardless of where you are, we are by your side. In a rapidly changing world, we exist as a fixed point that does not waver when it comes to your personal development.


Since 2009, we have trained people all over Sweden

Years experience

Our collective experience in project management and leadership


Our customers are in both the public and private sectors

Stories from our participants

Practical Project Management- Leadership

Rebecca works as a plan architect at a consulting company. Her duties include leading projects and collaborating with experts in various fields, to d ...

Färna Herrgård- Leadership course

Since spring 2021, Peter & Partner has delivered Leadership training in the ESF Project Besökskraft. The trainings have been at two different lev ...
Färna Herrgård

Falun Borlänge- Regionen

The ESF project Lyftkraft Dalarna is aimed at private companies that have been affected in some way by the pandemic, for example through notices and ...
Falun Borlänge-Regionen

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