P&P Project Academy

We want to raise your status as a project manager. Our vision is that it should be a matter of course that you who call yourself a project manager should have undergone training and received a diploma. It should not be luck or bad luck whether your project succeeds or not. That’s why we’ve created the P&P Project Academy!

P&P Project Academy, PPA, offers a series of highly professional training programs for you who will work or already work professionally as a project manager and want to develop yourself in your profession. The programs are a little longer, a little more in-depth, but at least as practically oriented as other courses within Peter & Partner. We put learning and the ability to put their knowledge into practical use at the center, something that is P&P’s hallmark. In the programs, we will also go into a little more about trends and the future. What will the Project Manager role look like in the future?

The programs are carefully designed and are based on our experiences, both content-wise and pedagogically, from thousands of participants. The programs are designed so that they last over time and give you as a participant a security of knowledge level. Only accredited and validated trainers conduct these programs.

Are you a project manager in your profession or about to become one? Then the academy’s program is the right choice for you!

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