WANTED: A driven business partner for P&P Denmark!

P&P Denmark

Peter & Partner Utbildning AB is a Swedish-owned training and consulting company within projects, leadership and business development. Since the start in 2009, Peter & Partner has developed the skills of over 10,000 managers and employees in business and the public sector. Our customers are located in large parts of Sweden. Peter & Partner currently has a strong portfolio of products and concepts and continuously invests in product development and innovative packaging. We continue our development in Sweden and abroad.

We are looking for a driven business partner for P&P Denmark!

We are looking for one or more driven people who wants and have the ability to join us in take Peter & Partner into the Danish market.

One of the founders of Peter & Partner lives part-time in Copenhagen. In connection with this, we want to invest in building up P&P Denmark, based in Copenhagen. We see a good potential to develop P&P in the Danish market.

We bring our good experiences from Sweden and add on your knowledge of the subject and about the market.

What we carry with us

Peter & Partner offers a Ready2Go concept. Where the Partner gets access to all the experience P&P has built up over the years.

The package includes:

  • Packaged and reputable training services in projects, leadership and business development.
  • Marketing: Production of marketing materials and references
  • Digital advertising: Creation and implementation of digital campaigns and website
  • Course administration: Administration system of courses and participants
  • Service development (R&D): Training, courses, tools
  • Training materials: Training, courses and services
  • Digital project planning tool
  • In-house training of consultants to approved trainers.
  • Some training skills in Swedish/English.

Becoming a partner of P&P

As a Partner to P&P, you become part of the company’s team with good prospects of good returns. You will be responsible for P&P Denmark and will run a result unit within Peter & Partner with responsibility for the Danish market. The business will initially run in a partnership form and then transferred to a partially owned subsidiary of Peter & Partner Utbildning AB.

You are responsible for budget and results of the business area and will run the business through your own company but under the Peter & Partner Utbildning brand. Both P&P and a future Partner will invest their own time and know-how in establishing the business in Denmark, where income comes from business being made. The partnership means the best of both worlds, to work independently as your own but at the same time build on established concepts and know-how. An easy way to save years of development work.

Our future partner

Today, we believe that you are:

  • Individual freelance consultants/business developers
  • A smaller consulting company that wants to develop in training

We believe that the right partner for us can tick off most of the points below.

  • Has a great knowledge and is confident with the conditions for consulting and training operations.
  • Has a good network and business skills in the Danish market.
  • Sees an opportunity in developing an already existing concept in a new market.
  • Feel confident in investing time and commitment to succeed.
  • Be able to take the leadership role in a consulting/training organization


Primarily, we think that P&P Denmark has its main presence in the Copenhagen region.

If you fit the above points and are interested in knowing more, please contact us for an unconditional conversation.

Peter Davidson, Partner,


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