Training for project employees

Many of the activities handled within organizations today are classified and run in project form. Participants in the project must understand and relate to the regulations and structures that should always surround a project. Being a project manager does not mean that you have to run and implement the project yourself, there are always people around a project who are project collaborators.

This group must of course also understand what applies, how they must work for the project to be successful. The project employees must understand that teamwork is rarely as important as in a project. Quick communication and full understanding is required. Above all, everyone must strive for the same clear goal. Through a basic and general project model, we give you insight into the value of planning, times, goals and roles.

Above all, we teach everyone who works within the project to speak the same language. The greater the participation, the better the project results. The goal of the training is to improve and increase the understanding of everyone who participates in projects. The training is suitable for all types of companies and organizations. The training is based on a systematic way of thinking with a focus on the wishes and requirements found in a project assignment,


  • What are projects?
  • Why project?
  • Project organization and roles
  • The purpose and goals of the project
  • Project model
  • Project phases
  • Project planning, WBS
  • Risk management
  • Reporting
  • Project end

The PlanMinder

You can try the project planning tool The PlanMinder for 60 days free of charge. More about The PlanMinder

Target group

The course is aimed at you who currently work as a project employee or who will do so in the future.

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