Talent Insight combined analysis

We offer Talent Insights, which is a tool for developing the organization’s potential. Through IPU Talent Insights, you can gain great insight into your own behavior, your driving forces and how they interact.

There are many different areas of use where Talent Insights can be used to advantage.

Below we exemplify a few:

​ Increased self-awareness – increased knowledge about oneself, one’s own behavior and one’s driving forces is an important basis for both good teamwork and leadership. ​

Team development – Talent Insights provides the basics needed to look at the composition of the entire group as well as the openness needed to develop a group. It also gives the group a clear indication of what drives each individual. Knowledge of these driving forces creates the conditions for forming effective teams.

​ Organizational development – the sum of the individuals’ development is the organization’s development. Increased self-awareness and awareness also increase the potential for the entire organization.


By understanding one’s own behavior and that of others, as well as seeing what driving forces exist, conditions are created for increased sales, more efficient teams, better collaboration and individual development.

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