Our pedagogy

Peter & Partners’ trainings are based on experience-based learning with proven methods and which are adapted to the course participants’ prior knowledge and experience.

Continuing education for professionals aims for participants to be able to quickly translate acquired knowledge into practical application. Competence development efforts are often relatively short. It makes great demands that theory and practice be applied in such a way that the participants can reflect and apply them in their own situation. This applies especially in subject areas that are strongly based on experience, e.g. leadership, projects, sales and more, and which by its nature contain few cases that are completely wrong or completely right.

Our training courses are often conducted with shorter joint reviews of theory and practice, where practical examples form the basis of the reasoning. This is then interspersed with discussions, where the course participants’ own situations come into focus, linked to the theory.

In order to translate the theory into more practically applicable models, the trainer carries out exercises, both individually and in groups, where everyone gets an opportunity to analyze and evaluate the possibilities of what was said and discussed. The idea is that in this way one should directly translate theory into practical applicability.

Although the participants’ own activities, questions and possible problems form a basis for discussions and exercises, there are often examples from different industries in order to lay the foundation for a better result.

It is accepted knowledge that the learning process increases with one’s own practical application and connection to one’s own experiences. Therefore, we place great emphasis on connecting theory to practical application and that the participants also get to reflect and relate to their own and other experiences. Another important aspect of learning is motivation. It is owned by the participants and largely depends on how the training is “sold” in the organization. We know, after having trained thousands of managers, project managers, leaders and employees, within a range of businesses that we as trainers can contribute to increased motivation through committed and knowledgeable trainers who maintain a high pedagogical level.

If the training consists of several training sessions, the participant receives homework between sessions. This is to further deepen their knowledge and to test it on their own business.

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