Creation of education

When we create a customized training effort, we use a template based on our collective experience and our quality system.

Peter & Partner always appoints an internal Project Manager, who is responsible for communication with the customer.


Step 1 Review of the proposals and content of the courses

We start the collaboration with a first meeting about upcoming education programs. From Peter & Partner, the main consultant and project manager participate. Among other things, we review expectations, goals and desired results. This is to ensure that we have the same view of the educational program.

Step 2 Summary of training programs

In this step, we make a summary of the training program’s content. By making an overall picture of the education, we can then break down the content into individual modules. We create this summary together.

Step 3 Suggestion of external modules

In step three, Peter & Partner creates a detailed proposal for the modules in the training program. This is presented to the customer and together we discuss a content that can then be nailed down.

Step 4 Pilot program

A pilot program is planned and implemented for selected participants. Both during and after implementation, we conduct a dialogue with the customer where we reflect on content, reception and possible changes.

Step 5 Determining the training program

In step 5, we determine the training program based on the points that emerged in step 4.

Step 6 Training programs are planned

In this step, we make a plan for groups and dates ahead. We estimate how many starts will be carried out per semester and when in time it will be added. Peter & Partner is happy to help with administration in the form of invitations, registration, etc.

Step 7 Implementation

The training program is carried out according to the plan we laid out.

Step 8 Evaluation & Reporting

In the final step, a summary of the course evaluation and a summary of our thoughts and conclusions of the educational effort as a whole are presented. We are having a discussion about possible changes.

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