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Last year, Mette and Linda took our training in Personal Leadership and we were curious about how they have used their new lessons and knowledge in their work.

Personal Leadership- A time after the course


Personal Leadership is reflective, many discussions and insights are created. The training includes theory, practice, models and self-assessment exercises. The material that follows is a good support for upcoming assignments and also in your everyday life.

- I use my new skills when I collaborate with my colleagues as we are very different and in my customer relations, says Mette.

- I have brought with me the knowledge of how others can perceive me and how I can read and respond to customers in the best way, Linda fills in. I have joined a project regarding our group's personal development/autonomy and have looked through our material there to get questions started with the group, she continues.

Thoughts that appeared some time later

You would have to go a shorter version once a year so as not to forget. After some time has passed, it is easy to forget what to think about yourself and that it is useful to reflect on yourself and how to work to bring different people into a group, say the two participants.

One thing stood out a little extra

- It was exciting to learn how others can perceive my way of being but in a negative way, things that can disturb others, says Linda.

Peter & Partner Utbildning with three words

  • Professional, easy to understand, good, Mette thinks.

  • Competent, educational and serious, Linda slips in.

A highly recommended course

We asked the participants what they would say to those who are considering training with us.

- Highly recommended. Good courses with a good structure, Mette thinks.

- This education that I attended gave me a lot both privately and in my work, says Linda.

Final words

Participants finish:

- Thanks for good training!

- I often think back on the training, on exercises we did and conversations we had. Were really good days!

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