Science Park- Excel Basic

Science Park - Excel

A time ago, Zarah took our basic training in Excel. We got to borrow her for a few minutes to hear what she thought of the training and whether she has used her new skills in her professional role.

Very relevant education

- Zarah, please tell me what you are working with

- I work as Property & Service Coordinator at Science Park Jönköping. My role is, among other things, to take care of tenants and rent premises. Science Park's overall objective is to create more entrepreneurs, more growing companies and a strong regional innovation system. Science Park has meeting places and business developers in all of the county's 13 municipalities, which allows us to combine a regional offer with a local presence. Our core business is business development – ​​that is, developing new business!

"I use the training in my daily work"

The training that Zarah took includes basic functions of Excel. Participants will learn to work more efficiently in the program where, among other things, calculations, sorting, lists and diagrams are reviewed.

Zarah says that the training was very relevant to her and she learned a great lesson, through the training Zarah gained knowledge that she uses in her daily work.

- I think that the training and the structure gave me what I needed, previously I had a self-taught foundation in Excel.

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How did it feel that there were participants from different companies in the training?

- I think it was good that there were several participants from different companies as they all had different work areas that they had use for in the training, says Zarah.

Something many participants appreciate and are happy to comment on afterwards is precisely the exchange of experiences from other participants and companies through exercises and discussions, but also the time they save attending our Excel training courses.

Forms of education


We offer various types of education physical education, Digital education, E-learning and Mixed learning environment. Depending on the conditions of the intervention and which educational goals exist, we recommend different alternatives.

The particular course that Zarah attended was conducted digitally via Teams, something that Zarah thinks worked well.

- It went well, the cameras were on for all the participants and there were good discussions, says Zarah.

Popular trainer

Our training consultant Christian Borg, who held the training, is very popular, which Zarah can understand.

- Christian is great and educational. The right person to hold this training, concludes Zarah.

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