Practical Project Management- Leadership

Rebecca works as a plan architect at a consulting company. Her duties include leading projects and collaborating with experts in various fields, to develop her leadership she chose to attend our course Practical Project Management – Leadership in Jönköping. We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions to see what she thought of the training.

Develop your career in project management and leadership

Our Practical Project Management-Leadership training contains important skills needed to successfully run an organization. The training provides the necessary tools and resources for a team to achieve their goals, while providing guidance and direction to ensure those goals are achieved.
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An adapted leadership

-  In my role as project leader, I rarely have the opportunity to choose the members of the project group, and it is also rare that the group composition progresses over longer periods. But I will still have use for the lessons learned as insights and extra understanding of different people's perspectives and approaches. I will have use for the knowledge about the driving forces and motivations of different personalities, how I can adapt my leadership according to which individuals are part of my project group and which team roles are needed in the project group, she continues. I assess that I will also use the lessons learned from the course days in more contexts than project management.

Adapting the leadership to the individuals in a project group is important for the project to be successful. By considering each member's unique personality and contributions, leaders can create an environment for collaboration and growth.

Rebecca, was there anything that stood out a little extra?

-  I appreciated the part about team roles a little extra, it is valuable knowledge to bring to the workplace, she says.

In addition to team roles, the training also covers:

  • Communication without misunderstandings
  • Conflict management
  • Effective and structured meetings
  • Stress management in project group, positive/negative stress
  • Difference between group and team. Meredith Belbin team theory - "Nobody is perfect - but a team can be"
  • Tool for self-insight and feedback, "Johari window".
  • Models in group dynamics Tools to motivate your employees
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Situational leadership within projects

Throughout the training, you will get to work with your personal development plan, how you will develop within project management.

Committed trainer and well versed in the subject

- Peter has, in addition to solid knowledge in the field, also a genuine interest in the subject. He has the ability to reach out to all course participants and engage the group in both joint and individual reflections. Hanize concrete topics in examples, which makes it easy to understand, says Rebecca.

What would you say to those who are thinking of taking an education with Peter & Partner Utbildning?

- Do it! You will leave there enriched with knowledge to use in project management but also in other collaborations and in other contexts.

Any final words?

- Thank you for a great training!

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