Färna Herrgård- Leadership course

Since spring 2021, Peter & Partner has delivered Leadership training in the ESF Project Besökskraft. The trainings have been at two different levels, New Leader & Experienced Leader. One of the participants is Fredrik Bertlin, Hotel Manager at Färna Herrgård & Spa.

The training and the trainer receive a good rating

Fredrik, what have you taken away from the Experienced Leader training?

- I thought the whole arrangement and content were very good and developing. The training gave us a real boost! What I was particularly attached to was gaining a better understanding of myself and other colleagues. One day was very much about this and it has led to better cooperation and communication with us.

Fredrik continues: - Another thing I brought with me that is connected to this is how important it is that we in the management team are coordinated and understand our task. That we have clear roles and the importance of clear goals that we all work towards.

The training, which lasts three days, has been highly appreciated by the participants. It is aimed at experienced managers and leaders and the aim is to strengthen participants in the labor market. The training includes three different themes:

  • Management team development, communication, feedback, roles
  • Strategic/involving leadership – working towards goals and visions
  • Environment and future - to understand and work with environmental changes and future scenarios

Due to the pandemic, the training was conducted digitally via Zoom. Fredrik, who advocates the physical meeting, says:

- With the pandemic, we had no choice and we were very grateful for the opportunity to do the education digitally. It worked better than expected! Peter, who taught the course, did so with great commitment and you didn't feel like one of the crowd. Very professional!

Since Besökskraft is aimed at the hospitality industry, the participants have come from the same industry, which has been appreciated.

- That we have been given the opportunity to exchange experiences with each other was rewarding, but above all to feel a sense of togetherness and understanding of each other's situations that were so similar to ours during the pandemic.

Would you have liked us to do something differently?

I Don't really have anything that I thought should have worked better. Based on the conditions that existed at the time, it worked perfectly, concludes Fredrik.

About Färna Herrgård & Spa

Färna is a place to enjoy, whether you are here for a romantic weekend, day spa or a conference. The manor is part of an old ironworks from the 17th century, and both ironworks and forestry have been operated here. Here you experience the contrast between the beautiful manor salons and the mountainous nature. Being able to offer food made with ingredients from us and our close farmers feels special, almost as special does it feel to be able to sink into a warm bath under the open sky after a trip in the mushroom forest.

Many guests choose to return again and again, which we are very happy about, we have a high level of guest satisfaction, which means everything to us. Our primary mission is to look out for the guest's best interests and deliver an experience that exceeds their expectations.

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