QIAGEN Certificeret Projektleder

In our project academy P&P Project Academy, we offer various training programs, one of which is Diploma program for project managers. We have interviewed one of our participants, Sonja Winnergren, to see what she thought of the program.

Relevant innehåll

In the training program, the participant gains knowledge about modern perspectives on their role as project manager. Together with the trainer, projects are put into context by giving the participant an overview of projects as a working method as well as the management and control of operations. The program also focuses on applying knowledge of leadership, where extra focus is placed on leadership in the project manager role. The program ends with a knowledge test where the participant gets their knowledge verified.

Sonja, who on a daily basis works as a project manager at QIAGEN DNA Synthesis with projects on a global level, is satisfied with the training.

- The training felt really relevant to me considering my role and daily tasks. There were good discussions and input in various areas during the training, says Sonja.

The content of the training program consists of theory mixed with practical exercises and discussions, which Sonja appreciated.

- The arrangement was structured and rich in content. There was a reasonably large group that attended and enough time for discussion.

Participants from different businesses

Peter & Partners' signature when it comes to the structure of training courses is that time for practical exercises and discussions between participants is prioritized. This is something that is usually appreciated by the participants, especially when you end up together with people who are not from your own business.

- It is always exciting to meet people from other organizations and hear experiences from their everyday life. Most often, these are challenges that are similar to those found in one's own organization, but then with different points of view from other people. It is interesting to hear how others have dealt with certain problems, it is much appreciated, says Sonja.

The trainer

Trainer Peter Davidson also gets a very good rating.

- Peter was very competent and took the time to explain. Good with time for discussions and question time. Thumbs up, she concludes.

Are you curious about whether the education suits you?

The Diploma program for project managers training is suitable for you as:

  • lack or have little experience in professional project management and will call you project manager in your professional role.
  • perhaps have worked as a project manager for several years or led a number of projects, but who have not acquired accepted knowledge in project methodology and leadership.
  • have general knowledge in Project Management and want to both deepen and verify these.

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